Monday, October 29, 2012

Structure Of A WordPress Theme

There are a couple different types of pages in WordPress. Each type of page can have a customized look and feel. This customization is done by templates. Templates are how themes work. Each template is a seperate PHP file inside the theme’s directory. Here are the standard templates:
  • 404 Template = 404.php – It’s handy to create a custom 404 page (Page Not Found) template. You can list common links and ways for users to find what they are looking for.
  • Archive Template = archive.php
  • Archive Index Page = archives.php
  • Comments Template = comments.php – This template defines how comments look under individual posts on the “Post Template”.
  • Footer Template = footer.php – HTML that is placed at the bottom of each page, saves you time and produces less duplicate HTML code in your templates.
  • Header Template = header.php – HTML that is placed at the top of each page, usually has the <head> section in it.
  • Links = links.php
  • Main Template = index.php – Usually this page lists your most recent posts. This is the “home” page of your site.
  • Page Template = page.php – Used for single pages, instead of blog posts. Your “About” page uses this template. This is the default page template, you can make your own custom page templates. I’ll cover this more in detail later.
  • Popup Comments Template = comments-popup.php
  • Post Template = single.php – This is where you customize pages that display single posts. Click on a post title (permalink) and you will be at it’s single post page using the post template.
  • Search Form = searchform.php
  • Search Template = search.php
  • Sidebar Template = sidebar.php – Usually the right hand side bar of the page. Some themes have more than one side bar so you’ll see templates like left_sidebar.php.
  • Stylesheet = style.css – Default place to put your CSS. It also contains the name and description of the theme. You must always have this file with the name and description of your theme. Many themes will have multiple CSS files that are linked to from the header.php file or the individual page templates to customize individual pages with different style rules.   

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